Mon 7:00PM Warren Courtroom
Concerts & Festivals (WCFC)
Mondays weekly 3pm EBU3
Transfer & Commuter (WTCC)
Mondays at 12pm in round table
Warren Spirit (COWS)
Biweekly (even) Fridays 1pm
Internal Committee
Thursday after council meeting biweekly
Interested in getting more involved with Warren College and UC San Diego? Do you want to improve your leadership skills, make an impact on the community or learn more about university matters? Announcing: Warren College Student Council (WCSC) has a open position for the 2017-2018 term! The position is commuter at large. You can access the application here. You can also find the list of available positions and descriptions here.
Feb, 2018
Translational Medicine Day
Translational medicine is the conversion of scientific discovery into health improvement, bringing the "bench to bedside" by innovating new cures, integrating these techniques into practice, and inspiring future doctors and scientists to always work towards patient centered clinical applications. The event is held at the Medical Education and Telemedicine Building, Friday, February 23 at 2 PM - 7 PM.
Feb, 2018
Warren College Student Council (WCSC) represents the interests and opinions of Warren College students at the University of California, San Diego.
WCSC provides representatives to campus-wide and and college-wide committees while providing for the existence of Warren College Student Organizations. WCSC also has control over their funds and can allocate those funds accordingly. WCSC establishes an Events board to coordinate programs that benefit the Warren College community. Moreover, within WCSC exists a Judicial Board with authority that extends to all cases and controversies under the constitution or of any campus rules. The Judicial Board also extends to disciplinary cases of alleged violations of university regulations.Anybody who is part of the Warren College Student Body can apply for and hold any office in WCSC